We offer the best laser technology currently on the the market. The Cutera Laser for Nail Fungus.

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At 80 Watts of power this new laser is 20 times stronger than previous generation lasers for nail fungus which were rated at only 4 Watts.

The Cutera Laser is a safe and effective treatment for nail fungus.
It penetrates inside the nail where the nail fungus (dermatophytes) reside, killing the fungus instantly.

The laser light passes right through the tough nail plate killing the fungus with minimal pain and no damage to the surrounding tissues.

The laser procedure is done right in our office. Procedures usually take 20-30 minutes. They do NOT require any form of anesthesia and have minimal pain.

Most patients will feel just some heat generated by the laser. No pain medication is required after the procedure and you can go right back to work or any activity immediately after treatment.

In order to increase effectiveness, for one price, we offer three laser treatments for nail fungus. The second treatment is performed two months after the first, and the next treatment is performed two months later.

You will not see results right away. The laser will not change your existing nails. As the new nail grows in, it shows signs of clearing from the bottom of the nail as it grows. This usually takes 6-12 months depending on how fast individual’s nails grow.

In order to increase the chances of success, we combine our laser nail fungus treatment with the use of the best anti-fungal topical medication which is available for sale in our office. The use of topical anti-fungal medications also helps to prevent recurrence of the fungal infection.

Often, we use our specialized cooling spray nail grinder to reduce any thick nail tissue in order to increase penetration of the laser. This is usually a painless procedure.

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Groupon discount for laser nail fungus treatment.

I have seen multiple doctors offering laser for nail fungus on Groupon for significant discounts…

I would advise you to stay clear of these doctors…

We all have heard, “when things sound to good to be true, they usually are”. This is no exception. I’ve closely read many of these ads and there are subtle things that make me think that these offers will not work.

Most of them say they are good for only one treatment. Some say one foot, or five nails or less. Some say 15 minutes of treatment. Some use the old PinPointe laser that just does not work (in my opinion and experience, to all the lawyers reading this).

The truth is it almost always takes at least 3 treatment to cure nail fungus. It requires using the proper laser machine, the Cutera is the best FDA approved machine. (Read my blog post on Cutera vs. Pin Pointe.)

Paying less for one treatment is a waste of your (discounted) money. It is like buying a product at the grocery store with a coupon but you really have no use for the product. It is unlikely that one treatment will resolve your problem.

Unfortunately, these doctors are ruining the experience for the rest of us. Reaching out to the public with sites like Groupon increases public awareness that the laser is a possible treatment for nail fungus, but the way they go about it sets it up for failure. Then the public gets a misconception that the laser does not work when in reality, when used correctly, it works great (about 70% of the time).

Avoid laser for nail fungus from Groupon, or better yet, call these doctors and require they give you three treatments for your money. If they will not, come see us.

Dr. Silverberg

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