We offer the best laser technology currently on the the market. The Cutera Laser for Nail Fungus.

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At 80 Watts of power this new laser is 20 times stronger than previous generation lasers for nail fungus which were rated at only 4 Watts.

The Cutera Laser is a safe and effective treatment for nail fungus.
It penetrates inside the nail where the nail fungus (dermatophytes) reside, killing the fungus instantly.

The laser light passes right through the tough nail plate killing the fungus with minimal pain and no damage to the surrounding tissues.

The laser procedure is done right in our office. Procedures usually take 20-30 minutes. They do NOT require any form of anesthesia and have minimal pain.

Most patients will feel just some heat generated by the laser. No pain medication is required after the procedure and you can go right back to work or any activity immediately after treatment.

In order to increase effectiveness, for one price, we offer three laser treatments for nail fungus. The second treatment is performed two months after the first, and the next treatment is performed two months later.

You will not see results right away. The laser will not change your existing nails. As the new nail grows in, it shows signs of clearing from the bottom of the nail as it grows. This usually takes 6-12 months depending on how fast individual’s nails grow.

In order to increase the chances of success, we combine our laser nail fungus treatment with the use of the best anti-fungal topical medication which is available for sale in our office. The use of topical anti-fungal medications also helps to prevent recurrence of the fungal infection.

Often, we use our specialized cooling spray nail grinder to reduce any thick nail tissue in order to increase penetration of the laser. This is usually a painless procedure.


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Used Cutera Genesis laser for sale

I have been using the Cutera Genesis laser since it was FDA approved in 2011. I have had great success with this laser treating nail fungus and warts.

I have been very fortunate to work with a great distributor of used lasers for both podiatry and cosmetic purposes. My distributor has been very good to me as far as pricing and regular servicing.

In return for the excellent service, I have offered to help him to sell more lasers on my website.

Doctors, medical spas, aestheticians and anyone else that uses lasers, if you are interested in purchasing a Cutera laser, or any other laser equipment, please contact me and I will put you in touch with my distributor.

Also podiatrists, if you have any questions about using lasers for nail fungus and warts, feel free to contact me as well.

Dr. Silverberg

Addendum to: Groupon discount for laser nail fungus treatment.

Today, I received notice from the New York State Podiatric Medical Association that discounting lasers for nail fungus on Groupon and other similar sites is actually illegal fee splitting in the eyes of New York State. (This information is true as of the date of this writing. Stay tuned to see if any legislation changes.)

It is in violation of both 6509(a) of the New York State Education Law and Section 29.1(b)(4) Title 8 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York.

Apparently, the way Groupon is structured, they get a percentage of the fee for service paid to the physician. This is called ‘fee splitting’ and is illegal.

It is perfectly legal to pay for advertising, but when the physician splits the individual fees based on how much they receive it becomes illegal.

To my colleagues out there using Groupon, be careful. In addition to providing services that are destined to not work as I’ve outlined in my previous post (click “Groupon discount for laser nail fungus treatment”), you may be subject to discipline from the Office of Professional Misconduct.

Dr. Silverberg

Groupon discount for laser nail fungus treatment.

I have seen multiple doctors offering laser for nail fungus on Groupon for significant discounts…

I would advise you to stay clear of these doctors…

We all have heard, “when things sound to good to be true, they usually are”. This is no exception. I’ve closely read many of these ads and there are subtle things that make me think that these offers will not work.

Most of them say they are good for only one treatment. Some say one foot, or five nails or less. Some say 15 minutes of treatment. Some use the old PinPointe laser that just does not work (in my opinion and experience, to all the lawyers reading this).

The truth is it almost always takes at least 3 treatment to cure nail fungus. It requires using the proper laser machine, the Cutera is the best FDA approved machine. (Read my blog post on Cutera vs. Pin Pointe.)

Paying less for one treatment is a waste of your (discounted) money. It is like buying a product at the grocery store with a coupon but you really have no use for the product. It is unlikely that one treatment will resolve your problem.

Unfortunately, these doctors are ruining the experience for the rest of us. Reaching out to the public with sites like Groupon increases public awareness that the laser is a possible treatment for nail fungus, but the way they go about it sets it up for failure. Then the public gets a misconception that the laser does not work when in reality, when used correctly, it works great (about 70% of the time).

Avoid laser for nail fungus from Groupon, or better yet, call these doctors and require they give you three treatments for your money. If they will not, come see us.

Dr. Silverberg

Increased success with Cutera Laser for nail fungus.

I have been using the Cutera Laser for nail fungus or about eight months now. Patients have been coming back recently with some promising results.

When the Cutera was tested for FDA clearance the results showed around 70% efficacy. I have been seeing right around the same amount of success.

I always tell people in advance that the laser does not work for everyone. I advise them that the success rate is seven out of ten and that although chances are in their favor, the treatment may not work.

I find that the success rate is also dependent on how severe the case of nail fungus is. Common sense dictates this, but none of the literature I have read documents any real data to confirm this. I think there are reasons for this. Deciding the severity of individuals’ nail fungus is a bit subjective.

Nail fungus can range from just some mild discoloration to severe disruption of the normal architecture of the nail plate. Nails can be different thicknesses. There can be different amounts of crumbling of the nail. You can see that there is no objective measurement to make in order to classify the amount of nail fungus.

Additionally, it is very hard for me to predict who will be successful with laser for nail fungus. Sometimes people come in with what I consider a mild case of nail fungus and the laser does not work. On the other hand, sometimes people come in with very severe cases of nail fungus and the laser works perfectly. Because of this discrepancy, I don’t make promises either way to patients prior to starting their laser treatment.

Obviously I always feel bad when the treatment does not work. Fortunately, there are no adverse effects of a failed laser for nail fungus, but only economic downside.

Often when the laser does not work completely, there is some improvement to the nails. This is not a complete failure, but also of some disappointment to me and the patient.

Getting back to my success rates… I have been experimenting with my new Cutera Laser a bit. On a few patients where the laser did not work after the second or third treatment, I have tried changing the settings on the machine a little.

I have found that turning up the power (Joules) did not increase success rate. I did notice that performing more pulses of light does work better. I have even seen lower power setting with increased number of pulses works. For this reason, I now give 3,000 pulses of light to people when all ten toes are involved. (Less when there are less effected toes)

And now, a little self promotion, why not?

Why Drs. Silverberg, Shastri, Lupoli and Kudla at City Footcare should be the podiatrists you choose for your Laser for Toenail Fungus:

The most important reason is our success rate is better than other doctors. We do the most lasers in New York City. We have the most experience with the Cutera Laser for nail fungus which is the newest and most advanced laser for nail fungus that is FDA approved.

This extensive experience allows us to experiment with changes to the treatment to enhance the success rate, just like I have discussed above.

We are young, ethical doctors that care about our patients and not just making a buck selling a laser. We feel that if your laser is successful, you will refer us many other patients for laser treatments, and for anything else that we treat as podiatrists. You will go tell you other doctors how well we treated you and they will send us patients. We see the big picture! Do the right thing and we will be rewarded.

We offer the lowest price in Manhattan and NYC for laser fungal nail treatments. We charge only $600 for three treatments. Not $600 each, $600 total for all three. The only additional charge will be $49 for topical medicine that enhances the success of the laser treatment. Often, we will perform additional treatments beyond the three for a discount, or for free.

We will not take your money if we feel the laser treatment will not work. If there is any question whether or not you have fungus, we will first do a biopsy to make sure it really is fungus. If the biopsy comes back negative, the laser will not work, and we will not take your $600. Ethical and honest treatment from altruistic physicians.

Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions or comment.

Dr. Silverberg

People often ask me which is better, PinPointe or Cutera laser for toenail fungus?


Cutera Versus PinPointe Laser for Toenail Fungus

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment NYC Cutera Genesis PlusLaser Toenail Fungus Treatment NYC PinPointe Foot Laser

The short answer is Cutera by far!

The full answer follows:

I used PinPointe for years and concluded it rarely works while the Cutera laser has about 70% chance of working.

Better Technology?

PinPointe is basically an old technology laser made to look modern and to be used for nail fungus. Below is a comparison of the two lasers.

The PinPointe is only 4 watts compared to the Cutera’s much more powerful 80 watt strength.

Spot Size?

The PinPointe has a 1mm spot size whereas the Cutera has a 5mm spot size. Spot size simply means how large an area the laser is delivered to. 1mm is about the size of a pencil point. 5mm is about the size of pencil eraser. Now imagine trying to cover an area with dots 1mm vs. 5mm. With the 1mm spot you are sure to miss some areas. If you use the 5mm spot and overlap 50% of each, you cannot miss any areas as you course back and forth, then up and down.

When I used the PinPointe I would spend 40 minutes or so covering the ten nails and was sure I was still missing spots. With the larger 5mm spot on the Cutera, I spend 15-20 minutes moving it around and I’m sure I’m not missing any areas.

Better Price?

In addition to having significantly superior power, size and technology, the Cutera is also better priced. The company that makes the PinPointe was the first to be FDA approved and therefore first to market. Without competitors they were able to fix prices in the following manner:

PinPointe would not sell doctors in NY the laser. They rented it to facilities and some doctors, however, they also made sure they made money every time the machine was used. Each time the laser was turned on, PinPointe took $600. Then the doctor and the surgery center where the laser was kept both also needed to make a profit. We had to charge enough to cover the cost of paying PinPointe, the surgery center’s employees, the light bill, insurances, and all the other costs of overhead when doing business.

Cutera then came along and got FDA approved for their superior laser. Cutera is a much more user friendly company. They sell the laser to the doctor and then the doctor can decide how much to charge the patients. Cutera cashes their check and then does not keep their hand in the doctor’s pocket anymore like PinPointe did.
I bought my laser and now own it completely. I am able to set the price of your procedure. I believe in making healthcare affordable. I built a very large practice by providing fair prices and make it up in volume when my patients refer their families and friends.

An Analogy to my Orthotic Pricing.

For example, I currently charge $300 for a pair of orthotics. My competitors charge $400 and up for the exact same devices. When I say the same I mean the same labs and types of orthotics. I believe my orthotics are the best in NYC. I make great custom orthotics for the best price in Manhattan.

Going back to price of orthotics, I know what my lab charges me, and I still make a nice profit charging my patients just $200 for custom orthotics. In my over 11 years (as of this writing) of practice, so many people have referred friends and family for orthotics because they are great and cost half of what other doctors charge. I hear stories all the time of patients talking to each other and discussing running with their orthotics and then price comes up. They can’t believe that their friend got my orthotics for half the price that they paid. The next time they need to replace their orthotics, guess who they go to.

Going back to the laser for nail fungus pricing, no insurance covers this laser procedure, therefore it is an out of pocket expense for everyone. I charge $600 for three treatments. Not $600 each, $600 total for all three.

Most doctors charge more than that for one treatment. I feel three treatments are necessary to increase success rates higher than with just one treatment. You can look at my fungus treatment as buy one for less than most other doctors, and get two free.

By owning the Cutera laser outright and not having to deal with (pay) any other companies, I am able to set my price as I see fit. Like my orthotic business model, you can imagine the conversations when one patient tells the other how they paid me half of what their friend paid for three times as many treatments.

Summary Cutera Exceeds PinPointe!

So, in summary, Cutera exceeds PinPointe in price, power, spot size, technology and effectiveness. We have a clear winner!

Note: I’m sure the lawyers and PinPointe may disagree with some of the above information, therefore, let me take this opportunity to tell you that all the above is my opinion and what I feel is true.

Ethical laser nail fungus treatment (and topical treatment for nail separation)

This week I turned down three patients for laser nail fungus treatment. That’s right, I told three people NOT to pay me $600 each, $1800!

All three had separation of the nail form the nail bed soft tissue attachment. This causes the nail to look different in color in the area that it is separated.

This discoloration of the nail looks like nail fungus to the untrained eye. Very often, people come to my office with this separation of the nail from the nail bed, thinking it is fungus when it is not!

Laser will not fix this problem. Neither will topical medicines alone.

Treatment for separation of nails:

The only fix for this is to remove the part of the nail that is separated, all the way back to the area of good soft tissue attachment with cutting and grinding of the nail.

Once this removal is performed, then I advise patients to use topical medicine for the nails. I have formulated my own topical medicine for this purpose. This medicine also has an anti fungal medicine in it.

My product is called NailPure by Dr. Silverberg (Click for more info and to purchase online). The anti fungal ingredient is Tolnaftate. The multiple oil vehicle allows the Tolnaftate to penetrate the hard nail plate to reach the fungus. (Disclaimer: Tolnaftate is FDA approved for the treatment of athlete’s foot  (tinea pedis) and not for nail fungus (onychomycosis)) In the case of nail plate separation, however, it’s not the anti fungal that is important. It is the multiple oil vehicle. It contains tea tree oil, manuka tree oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, and sweet almond oil (and vitamin E). This unique combination of essential oils penetrate, emulsify, soften and hydrate the nail and surrounding skin. Additionally, NailPure contains acetic acid that whitens the nail to make it appear more normal very quickly. Acetic acid is a natural acid that makes vinegar have its characteristic smell and taste.

By treating the skin and nail, NailPure allows the nail to grow in and reattach to the nail bed having normal color and looking healthy.

The best topical antifungal for nails also works on nail bed separation:

Wow, what a tangent! I was talking about doing the right thing for these three patients, and got excited about introducing my new topical nail fungus treatment. I spent one and a half years working with my chemist in Florida to perfect NailPure. I tried many different combinations of ingredients and vehicles until I came up with the proper formula. I tested it on dozens of my patients and waited patiently while their nails grew in healthier without fungus, whiter, thinner, and more clear. I then discovered how well it worked for nails that were separated from the nail bed. I used to use topical urea gel or cream for these patients but I discovered that NailPure worked so much better.

Honestly, when I started developing NailPure, I did not think to use if for nail separation, but when I discovered how well the oil vehicle worked on the nail and skin, it was obvious. I had stumbled upon a new, amazing treatment for a previously very difficult problem to solve.

Going back to my original topic, these three patients were very grateful that I saved them *$531 by not performing the laser for nail fungus, that would have been unsuccessful. *Note: $600 minus $69 for the NailPure.

Unfortunately, many doctors as not as honest, ethical and altruistic as I am. They would have performed the laser nail fungus treatment for the money. You see, studies have shown the laser nail fungus treatment to be 70-80% effective. These doctors hide behind that statistic and tell these people that is why the laser did not work.

Other doctors may be mistaken to make an improper diagnosis of nail fungus when in fact it is separation of the nail plate. In my opinion, this is why many nail fungus treatments fail. It was never fungus.

Choosing a provider for Laser Nail Fungus Treatment:

In summary, when choosing a provider to take care of your nail fungus, make sure you go to a doctor that you know and trust. Get a recommendation from a friend or another doctor (or come to NYC to my practice). Question your doctor about if it is really nail fungus or separation of the nail plate. When in doubt, your doctor will send a (painless) clipping to the lab for evaluation under the microscope. And lastly, be weary of doctors advertising for laser nail fungus treatments. A doctor spending money on advertising will be looking for return on investment and willing to perform lasers on everyone that comes through the door inquiring. Keep in mind too, that the lasers are very expense pieces of equipment and doctors will be looking to pay off their leases… However, with all at said, most doctors are still ethical. There are just a few that are not to look out for.

As always, feel free to send me email questions on this topic. Dr. Silverberg

Laser Treatment of Nail Fungus

Toenails fungus before laserLaser Treatment of Nail Fungus

Nail fungus often begins as a yellow or white spot under the tip of your toenail or fingernail. The problem can quickly become worse as the fungus spreads. In most cases, it causes the nail to thicken and eventually fall apart at the edges. A fungal nail is not only unattractive; but it can be painful and difficult to treat effectively. However, with laser nail fungus treatment, you may be able to rid yourself of this nail disease once and for all.

Why Laser Over Other Treatments?

Many people who suffer from finger nail fungus or toenail fungus have tried a variety of methods to eliminate the problem. There are a number of pharmaceutical pills and topical treatments available however Laser treatment as a nail fungus cure often provides an easier and long-term solution.

Laser toenail fungus treatment cutera genesis plusWith new laser technology, Laser nail fungus treatment is safe and only takes about 10 to 15 minutes per treatment. It is one of the easiest treatments available since you will only have to go through 3 treatments at the most. With pills and ointments, the process can be ongoing and will require you to remember applying treatments on a regular basis. Laser treatment involves very little pain and recovery is quick. Right after treatment, you can go about your daily activities as usual.

In order for ointments to work effectively, they must reach the infected areas under your nail. This isn’t easy to do. Laser treatment, on the other hand, makes it possible to tackle the fungus underneath the nail without damaging the tissue or skin under the nail, or the nail itself.

Finding an Experienced Laser Surgery Doctor Who Specializes in Nail Fungus Treatment

If you do opt for laser treatment over other methods, it is important to find a doctor who has plenty of experience providing this type of nail fungus cure. I have been performing laser nail treatment since its inception. Recently, I have purchased a brand-new laser device. The new device is more effective, faster and less expensive for the patient’s.

Laser nail fungus treatment is not covered by insurance currently. In order to increase the chances for success, provide a combination of fungal nail treatments along with laser surgery to optimize results. Typically, patients will need two or three laser surgery treatments in combination with other fungal treatments before the problem is resolved.

If you have already tried pharmaceutical pills and ointments and a number of natural remedies without success, laser treatment may be the solution you’ve been hoping for. While the treatment is not 100% effective for everyone, it has eliminated fungal nail disease for the majority of people who go through the procedure.

I have recently had even greater success with laser treatment for nail fungus and I started using the new laser device. I often combine to laser treatment with a topical medication that I have formulated myself that is currently being marketed under the name NailPure.

toenail fungus after laserAfter two or three treatments, your nail should grow out more normally as long as there’s a healthy nail bed beneath it.

There are many people who spend time hiding their toenail fungus by always wearing closed-toe shoes or never taking off their shoes in public. Laser surgery may just allow you to put these types of worries behind you for good.

Call or e-mail Dr. Silverberg today and inquire about a consultation to see if you are a candidate for laser nail fungus treatment.

Best Priced Laser for Toenail Fungus

Policy for Laser Nail Fungus Procedure:


I have been performing lots of Laser treatments for nail fungus. There have been many questions about the pricing and procedures leading up to the laser treatment so I will take this opportunity to outline them here.

When people call for a the laser nail fungus procedure, the first step is to determine if they are a candidate for the procedure. We will evaluate you when you come in for a consultation.

If we feel that your nail problem will not benefit from the laser procedure, we will tell you this and save you the money! At the same time, we will then recommend a different treatment to resolve your nail problem.

At the initial consultation we will examine you and if there is any question as to whether your nail problem is fungal or not,  we will take a painless biopsy of the nail in order to confirm that your problem in fact nail fungus. The laser procedure will not work if your problem is not fungus.

If we think your problem is fungal we will then perform the laser procedure right away in our office. If we are not sure if your problem is fungal then you will require this painless nail biopsy and you will not be able to have the laser procedure on your initial visit. You will have to wait for the biopsy result to come back. This usually takes one week. If the biopsy comes back negative we will then recommend different treatment options. If the biopsy comes back positive we will then schedule your return visit for your laser procedure.

Believe it or not, many other problems look like nail fungus, but are not fungus. If you do not have nail fungus, the laser will not work, and you will have wasted your money. As ethical physicians, we are very honest and want you to be happy with your laser treatment. We will always sacrifice the money we make on the laser treatment if we feel the laser will not help you.

Right before your laser procedure we will take photographs of your nails. Then, we will use our highly specialized, cooling spray nail grinder to reduce the thickness of the nail as much as possible. (Usually painless). We have found that grinding the nail thin with our special cooling spray grinder significantly increases the penetration and the success rate of the laser procedure.

The laser procedure is performed right in our office with our latest technology laser. After evaluation and grinding, the procedure takes 10 – 20 minutes depending on how many nails are infected and how severe your problem is. It requires no anesthesia and causes very little pain. Most people report that they feel the heat generated by the laser but not pain.

(Many people travel from great distances for the laser nail procedure. For these people we will occasionally skip the nail biopsy procedure and perform the laser even if we are not sure if your problem is fungal or not. This saves you the long traveling time. If we perform the laser and your problem was not fungal, there is no harm done but the problem will not be solved. If we are sure that it is not fungal, we will not perform the procedure and will make other suggestions for your treatment.)

Costs of Laser Nail Fungus Procedure:

The initial consultation will usually be covered by your health insurance. If it is not covered ,or you do not have health insurance that we take, or you do not have any health insurance, the charge for the consult will be $50 which is applied towards your laser procedure. If we do your initial consultation and decide that you are not a candidate for the laser procedure your total charge will be just the $50 for the consult and we will have saved you money by not doing a laser procedure that will not work. Just for our laser clients, this $50 is discounted from our usual consultation rates. This charge will cover our time and also you will receive alternative treatment options for your nail problem. If you are a candidate, and we go forward with the laser, this $50 will be applied to the cost of the laser.

This laser procedure for nail fungus is currently not covered by any insurance. You may use your flexible spending or medical savings account.

The cost of the laser procedure is $600. We will do 3 laser procedures for this $600. We have found that while many people respond to just one treatment, we have gotten a much greater success rate by performing 3 separate procedures. There is no additional cost to you for the second and third treatments.

The $600 must be paid in advance of performing the procedure. We take cash and charge (MasterCard, Visa & American Express)

Refunds and cancellation policy:

If you cancel in advance of the laser you will not be charged for the procedure.  If you have the initial consultation and opt not to perform the laser for any reason, your $50 consultation fee will not be refunded. If we determine that you are not a candidate for the laser, your initial consultation fee will not be refunded.

There are no refunds once the laser procedure is performed. We make no guarantees as to a successful outcome and cure of nail fungus. In the event that the procedure does not work, we will recommend other treatment alternatives or rarely, a repeat procedure (3 treatments for an additional $600). (Unfortunately, just like every other treatment for nail fungus, the laser procedure will not work for everyone.)

Practice Philosophy:

We are here to help you and we care about our patients! We are a group of young, ethical and friendly physicians. We are always out for the best interest of our patients and give truly altruistic care. Our practice philosophy is that by providing altruistic care with happy clients, our practice will grow.

Feel free to call our office at any time or email us.

Lawrence Silverberg, DPM
Founder City Footcare

Follow up laser nail fungus procedure

I saw a patient today 6 months after her first PinPointe laser nail fungus treatment and 3 months after her second treatment. Immediately after her procedure I started her on topical Nail Pure Solution twice daily. Her results are amazing.

You can clearly see where the nail has grown in over the last six months with clearing and a thinner nail at the proximal 1/2 of the nail and a lighter color to the distal 1/2.

The thin part of the nail is the new nail that has grown in since the laser procedure. The whiter, but still thick part, is where the nail has not grown in yet, but is improved from the Nail Pure Topical whitening the nail and helping to kill the fungus. I’ll post pictures after I have downloaded them from my Nikon.

Dr. Silverberg

My Results

I have been performing laser toenail fungus surgery since the technology first came to market.

Improved Results, Lower Cost:

UPDATED: 02-June-2011

I have been performing laser toenail fungus surgery since the technology first came to market.

In the Beginning:

At first, I was less than satisfied with the results of laser toenail surgery. Approximately fifty percent of my patients got better with one treatment. At the cost of twelve hundred dollars per treatment I found this was unacceptable. I discussed this in detail with patients prior to performing their procedures. Often, patients would decide not to have the procedure due to the cost. Some chose to pay the full amount knowing that there was only a fifty percent chance of success.

Evolution: Better Results, Lower Cost!

The most profound change has been switching from the original PinPointe Laser to the new Cutera Genesis Laser. The Cutera is 20 times stronger at 80 Watts compared to only 4 Watts.

I found early on that combining laser treatment with other treatments produced better results. I have combined the laser treatment with topical antifungals. Particularly, I find good results with NailPure, and NFT-20.

I also found that repeating the laser procedure three times produced much more satisfactory results. With a combination of repeat procedures and application of topical antifungals my results improved to approximately 75-80% success. This is equal to the success rate of using oral antifungal medication like Lamisil but without the systemic side effects that the oral medicines cause.

In summary: I am now able to perform laser toenail surgery for a cost of $600 for 3 treatments.

Lowest Priced Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Updated 6/16/2011

Dr. Lawrence Silverberg has been called the “best podiatrist” and “best foot surgeon” in New York City.

Now, he can also be called the “best priced” doctor for laser toenail fungus treatment!

Dr. Silverberg uses the Cutera Laser. The Cutera Laser is a patented laser device developed to kill toenail fungus. In the years since its release, clinical studies and individual experience has demonstrated that the Cutera Laser effectively treats toenail fungus infections.

The Cutera Laser is is approved for the treatment of toenail fungus (onychomycosis) by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Dr. Silverberg is currently offering laser fungus toenail surgery for just $600 for three treatments.

Dr. Silverberg has found that repeating the procedure three time signifcantly increases the effectiveness.

Call Dr. Silverberg today to schedule a consultation to find out if you are a candidate for laser fungal toenail surgery. If you are, he can provide the laser procedure on your first visit. Be sure to see the Cost and Policy page of this website.

His office is conveniently located near New York’s Grand Central Station on East 46th Street.